.here’s a fun ask meme that will make you all hate me!
Send me a group and i’ll tell you my least favourite member

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Hello lovely Starlights.

Can somebody shed some light on what happened to Pinker Bell’s videos on youtube? Is her account just suspended or what?

She deleted her tweets too @by_pinkerbell, but she still has some on @pinker_bell_ and her dailymotion videos are still available.

please kindly tell me?

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kenongbin inquired: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! wishing you all the best, i hope you have a fantastic day!! ^^

thank you so much!!! <3

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there’s no translator online im panicking alsdkg.hajl;shnlaks dhaha

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chicKen for everyone




hugs vixx.

hugs all of the starlights in the universe.

vixx did it. we did it. never forget 12/06/2013.


and now, 140608 ☆☆☆☆☆

Good job, Starlights. VIXX is our miracle ☆

#VIXXEternity2ndWin 140611 

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