randa gave me lots to sub omg i have to start working ;__________;

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im so sorry jaehwan i have nothing prepared :((((((((( i love you happy birthday ;wwww;

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[NEWS] 140403 VIXX, Going Global … To Have Fanmeeting in Taiwan on April 6th


Group VIXX holds a fanmeeting in Taiwan and goes global.

On the 4th, Jellyfish told OBS ‘Special Entertainment News’, “On the 6th, VIXX is scheduled to hold a fanmeeting in Taiwan and meet the local fans.”

Previously, VIXX met their fans and completed their Global Showcase ‘Milky Way’ Tour, which started last October in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), Sweden (Stockholm), Italy (Milano), USA, (Dallas, LA), and Seoul.

After that, through fans’ requests VIXX held encore performances in February this year in Berlin and Paris, wearing the title of Hallyu Wave Star.

VIXX debuted in 2012 with single album ‘Super Hero’ and has released hit songs such as ‘On and On’, ‘hyde’, etc.

As VIXX grabbed the public’s attention with concepts such as ‘vampire’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, differentiating themselves from other idols, they won their first #1 last year with the title song ‘Voodoo Doll’ from their first full album.

Not only that, but the members will also show their new charms as they take challenges in acting and musicals. Leader N was cast in MBC ‘Hotel King’, Hongbin in SBS ‘Glorious Day’, and Leo will challenge the first musical of his life in ‘Full House’.

Meanwhile, their agency added that VIXX is scheduled to make a comeback in May.

Source: OBS News
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

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Anonymous inquired: I missed ken so much. And now im just like ugh ken stfu go away.


literally you just hit the nail on the head

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he got ‘god’ tattooed on his neck love and hate on his fingers


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